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Janet S. Clark

How might one contribute to this project? It is wonderful. I support a woman in Nigeria via Women for Women Int'l and would like to expand my supoort. Thank you.

Patricia  Mikus

I am interested in making a donation to the work of My Sister's Keeper in Sudan. Also wondering about local efforts in the Boston area. Please forward an address where the donation can be sent.
Thank you.

Dulany Alexander

I would also like to know how to make a donation to My Sister's Keeper. Thank you for taking on this mission.

Cloud Starchaser

Dear member of the Save Darfur Coalition,

My name is Cloud Starchaser and I am the leader of the professinal hero team Heroic Destiny Squad. Currently our main mission is saving Darfur.

Recently I contacted the Save Darfur Coalition about joining as I think my team would be a valuable member. For one we already get higher web traffic than itself and this is all just from a website I have built up entirely myself in the last few months with no outside assistance.

The reply from Martha Heinemann was “I brought the issue of your membership to our Executive Director, who feels, as I do, that it would be inappropriate for your Heroic Destiny Squad to join the Save Darfur Coalition. Your website is not consistent with the values and work of our current coalition members, and would therefore send the wrong message to our existing partners.”

So therefore she denied me membership because she feels certain members of the coalition, who she declined to name, would have a problem with my website or Heroic Destiny Squad’s values.

Since I don’t feel this is true, I am e-mailing this letter to every single member of the Save Darfur Coalition to find out if anyone has a problem with Heroic Destiny Squad joining. For more info on my team and our work, please visit my website:

If you personally or your group has any problems with my company or our values, please e-mail me to discuss them at [email protected] If not, I urge you to please write Martha Heinemann of the Save Darfur Coalition and urge her to allow Heroic Destiny Squad to join as we are a key asset to saving Darfur once and for all.

Her e-mail address is: [email protected]

Also you can call Julie Kramer at 202-478-6120 as well to discuss the issue. I had Martha’s number but lost it however Julie also has her number as I had spoken to her first.

Also, it is completely within the lines of fair work to urge Coalition members to call or contact Martha, Julie, or other members because it’s basically the same thing as when human rights groups urge members to call President Bush or call or write Senators to raise awareness. In that case President Bush has the power to work to save Darfur but doesn’t because he is worried Americans might get upset that the U.S. is spending money on things they don’t care about. Much in the same way, Marthe Heinemann and the Executive Director of the Save Darfur Coalition can easily help the cause to save Darfur by adding Heroic Destiny Squad to their membership but are not due to what they think will be conflicts with values. I don’t feel there will be any so I am writing all of you members to find out if there are, and if there are to discuss them. Otherwise please call or write Martha, Julie, and the others who run the Save Darfur Coalition and urge them to include Heroic Destiny Squad in their membership!

Thanks for your time!

Cloud Starchaser
Aspiring Professional Hero, Leader of Heroic Destiny Squad

Isabelle Ramsey

I heard the story of your new school on NPR tonight and am so moved. I am a teacher and love the idea of a girl's school, especially. I'd like to contribute. You should really set it up quickly since I'm sure others would like to help as well.

Deborah Fleming

I am interested in helping your organization financially and through volunteering. Please send information.

Ella Benner

Please tell me how I can help. Do you have an address to make a small donation? I am a single mother in Maine so I don't have much in the way of extra financial funds; but I would like to do whatever I can to help this very worthy cause! Do you need supplies for the school or old medical equipment? My daughter asks if there might be any girls there who would like a pen-pal from the US?

Ana Marrero

I would like to help in setting up girls schools. I think this would be a wonderful project for my daughter's girl scout troop. Please send contact info and donation info. Thank you for your work!


I am the sponsor of an African Student high school group in Lincoln NE. Most of my student members are refugees from South Sudan. I have noticed the inequities in the educational background between the sudanesemales and females in my class. Most of the girls really struggle. I know it must be much more difficult for you as these kids are at least safe, housed and fed now. I know my club would like to help your program in any way possible. Maybe we could also correspond with some of your students. I know some of my students are survivors of rape, torture etc. as well. Let me know what we can do to help. Thanks! Celia

Mark Schneider

I heard your story on NPR tonight. It was clear that this is a desperately poor community where there are inadequate resources and a lack of education for all. Yet you would waste resources by insisting on a concrete building. You are also committed to educating girls while the boys are also not being educated. I find your efforts to be tragically misguided.


I heard the piece about MSK on public radio this evening as I drove home from work. Your mission is noble and the story tugs at my heart. I'd like to enlist the help of my young adult children and their friends to assist in some way with your mission. Let me know how we can help.


Please please post info on how we can support your efforts to build a girls' school in Sudan. SUch a noble ambition and effort! These women and girls have endured so much and continue at risk; as the mother of daughters I would like to help them.

Sue Durfee

Please email me when there is a way to support your work - I just heard about it today (1-18-06) on NPR - education will be an essential component to Sudan's recovery after the civil war.

A. C. Donahue, Esq

Listening to the NPR stories this morning and tonight excited me as I thought of your mission and that of my good friend Tom Zurowski. You see, Tom Zurowski heads up Global Response Network ( In just a short time, I have watched Global Response Network take a mine infested compound that was nearly in ruins and turn it into one of Southern Sudan's most successful schools. From literally nothing to 256 children who just sat for their exams. The school is located in Loka. I urge your group to contact Tom. He has years of experience in Sudan and is also -- like you -- an inspiration.

Marianne Wander, AIA

Needless to say, as a woman and mother of two daughters I was moved by your mission. I am also an architect, so the building of a school piqued my interest. (I design schools among other things.) I am not offering my services as an architect but as a fund raiser. I have been looking for a way to bring together the "women in construction" in my city. A fund-raiser gathering for your cause is a wonderful opportunity for all of us. (I know you do much more, but I also consider you as "women in construction.") Please email me and let me know if an idea like this is acceptable to your organization, and if there is a protocol for fund raisers. Keep up the good work.

marguerite Vu

I was moved by your story on NPR tonight. I am also a teacher and I understand the value of an education. Let me know how I could contribute to your project.


It is with great interest and admiration that I listened to and then reread the commentary about the proposed girl's school. It also struck some alarm bells when I thought I heard what sounded like some coersion from your hosts about the need for a "concrete building." I was not surprised, however, and it reminded me of many other similar instances that I have both witnessed and heard about. Some of the ways communication take place are culturally African or perhaps, specifically Sudanese. Without cross cultural training I feel that taking on a project of the magnitude you are attempting will be very difficult and perhaps costly in terms of both money and good will. I have had experiences in Southern Sudan (starting in 1999) that I am sure you too, have had and would like to have avoided.

Before you go too much further with this endeavor please contact me via my website at:

It is my intention to try to suggest some ways throught the mine field so that your project will be successful for both you and your supporters and those whom you wish to help.

Sincerely, b-f

Ashley Lanfer

I am Ashley Lanfer, one of the Sister's Keepers. We are encouraged and delighted that so many of you would like to become our partners in the effort to establish a school for girls in the village of Akon, southern Sudan. As a small band of volunteers, we sometimes become overwhelmed by the task at hand. It is amazing to know that others are moved to action by the difficulties these children and families face as they struggle to rebuild their communities after decades of war, slavery, and oppression. Together, we know we will find what we need to honor our commitment and help provide opportunities for education and leadership to a new generation of Sudanese girls.

We are a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization, and your gifts are tax deductible. You can send your ideas and contributions to My Sister’s Keeper at:

My Sister's Keeper
c/o Bethel AME Church
215 Forest Hills St
Boston, MA 02130

Bernadine Cutilletta

I am studying grant writing. After hearing about the work of Gloria White-Hammond in a story on NPR, I want to practice my grant writing skills to help her in her work. I'm a little confused on which organization she heads--should I try for a grant for My Sister's Keeper or is there another group that would be better to advocate for. I'm just starting to learn how to do this, so it will be a long process but I hope to learn more about the group and the wonderful work she and others are doing in the Sudan.


Like many others that have posted recently, I too heard your story on NPR. I am an architect and have volunteered with an organization called Engineering Ministries International. This organization has experience all over the world designing everything from schools to bridges, to water treatment and much more. I encourage you to look at their website; there is a specific page there for requesting assistance. The website is
May your actions of love be blessed and contagious!

Rebecca Simmons

I have a group of women just waiting to help. What can we do?

Mike Scagliotti

Hello and blessings to your mission! I would like to volunteer this summer, if possible. I am 34 years old, a fulltime student, earning an MFA in comic book art. I write personal stories. I once volunteered tutoring Sudanese girls in the Boston English School. The program was organized by the International Rescue Committee, whose office was on Boylston St. This was in 1999; I volunteered weekly. The girls were all refugees. Do you have capacity for volunteers wishing to teach any variety of subjects during the summer? Please contact me. All the best to you. -- Mike

Mike Scagliotti

About the above posting.. my email is [email protected]
Thankyou - Mike Scagliotti

Michelle Heffner

I learned of the great work you are doing in Sudan from the program on NPR as did so many others. As the mother of 4 daughters and someone who cares deeply about women's/children's issues I feel compelled to help in some way. Could you offer some suggestions as to how I might do this? Also, is there an opportunity/need for any of the girls to correspond w/girls here in the States? I know my own daughters would be honored. - Wishing you all the best, Michelle

Stephanie Helline

I'm a graphic designer and am interested in providing graphic design services pro bono to My Sister's Keeper. There is a grant program in which I believe you would be eligible which covers the cost of printing and all out of pocket expenses. Please e-mail with your contact information. My e-mail is [email protected] Thank you.

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