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lisa Lipschutz

I would like to make a donation to My Sister's Keeper in honor of my friend Patricia Mikus. Please e-mail me an address to send the donation. Thank you for doing such good and meaningful work.

lisa Lipschutz

I would like to make a donation to My Sister's Keeper in honor of my friend Patricia Mikus. Please e-mail me an address to send the donation. Thank you for doing such good and meaningful work.

Rita Wehner

I, too, wish to make a small donation. Shouldn't there be an easier way to do that? Like a link on your website or something.

Barb Worster

Please send info so that I might send donation.

Kay Park

I would also like to make a donation but am also interested in finding out more to see if I can further assist your efforts from here.

Marce Evans

Please tell me how I can help send money to the women in the Sudan to build that school they need so badly.
God Bless.
Marce Evans

Emily Charley

i would like to make a donation as well....how is this done?

Shelly Millsap

Please tell me how I can contribute towards this cause and if there are any local groups in LA that I may volunteer to help in some capacity.

Thank you

Pat McDonald

I would like to make a donation on a regular basis to your organization - please email me with details. Thank you

Jill Haring

My daughter & I listened to a story on NPR yesterday about your mission in the Sudan to build a school for 500 girls. My 7 year old was moved to tears and said, "Mommy, I want to help those girls....what can I do?" Please send me some information about donations. Grace wants to do some fund raising & I intend to help her make a meaningful difference for your cause.

Jill Haring

Catherine Houston

My daughter's Brownie Troop would also like to make a donation for the the girls. Please email the information.

Cathy Houston


I was really impressed with the story I heard on NPR about your project---and as i listened to the challenges you face in building the school for the girls in the village in Sudan I remembered a story I heard a few weeks ago about a new way to build buildings quickly on demand. This might be a way to start thinking about setting up the building for the school--
anyway I'm including the website where there is a story about the "building in a bag" invented by some students in London---
Hope you can access it and see the posssibilities I saw in the project--http://www.wired.com/news/technology/1,66872-0.html
All the Best,
Judith Zimmer

Ashley Lanfer

I am Ashley Lanfer, one of the Sister's Keepers. We are encouraged and delighted that so many of you would like to become our partners in the effort to establish a school for girls in the village of Akon, southern Sudan. As a small band of volunteers, we sometimes become overwhelmed by the task at hand. It is amazing to know that others are moved to action by the difficulties these children and families face as they struggle to rebuild their communities after decades of war, slavery, and oppression. Together, we know we will find what we need to honor our commitment and help provide opportunities for education and leadership to a new generation of Sudanese girls.

We are a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization, and your gifts are tax deductible. You can send your ideas and contributions to My Sister’s Keeper at:

My Sister's Keeper
c/o Bethel AME Church
215 Forest Hills St
Boston, MA 02130

Emily Bloemker

I would like to link up with your organization in some way. I am a 23-year-old woman who has traveled to Southern Sudan (Lui) with the Episcopal Diocese of Missouri. I am currently chair of the Companion Diocese Committee -- we are partnered with Lui to aid in development, support, advocacy, etc. We too are building a school, trying to get infrastructure, food production aid, etc. etc. We are sending two teams to Lui within the next three months -- perhaps we could start a conversation? I could see how our work could be mutually beneficial.
[email protected]


I too echo the sentiments of others - I would like to know how I can participate in such a worthy, timely cause. Please share whether/how one might participate by donating not just funds but time. Thank you.

Tanya Gardner

What a vision! I applaud your work and also want to support this organization.

Lynn Johnson

Please send me information on how I can donate.

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